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We have three locations in the US. To assist you in getting an answer to your inquiry as quickly as possible, please call the main number for the department and location of your choice, or expand the section to find specific contacts in each department.

If you have a general inquiry, please feel free to call our main office numbers:

New York: 888-223-1599          Chicago: 877-880-4267          Los Angeles: 888-700-4416

Customer Service customerservice@abelcine.com  

   New York

Tzvi Gerstle Order Execution Manager 212-462-0144


Colleen Nutter Customer Service Manager 312-973-3909
Brian Khan Customer Experience Coordinator 312-973-3909

   Los Angeles

Erin Poole Customer Service Manager 818-303-8128

   Online Sales Order Inquiries

Brittany McDonald Online Sales 818-303-8103

Tech Support

   New York - 212-462-0111

Jeff Lee Training Manager 212-462-0111
Dave Kincaid Camera Technology Specialist 212-462-0111
Geoff Smith Camera Technology Specialist 212-462-0111

   Chicago - 212-462-0111

Megan Donnelly Camera Technology Specialist 212-462-0111

   Los Angeles - 212-462-0111

Andy Shipsides Chief Technology Officer 212-462-0111
Ian McCausland Camera Technology Specialist 212-462-0111
Juliet McNally Camera Technology Specialist 212-462-0111
Jamie Alac Digital Cinema Specialist 212-462-0111

Sales sales@abelcine.com  

   New York - 212-462-0170

Joseph Facchini Director of Product Strategies 212-462-0147
Jonathan Epner Director of Market Development 212-462-0142
Matt Livingston Account Development Specialist 212-462-0146
Steve Cohen Account Manager 212-462-0131
Rebecca West  Inside Sales Agent 212-462-0149
Andrew Finkel Account Development Specialist  212-462-0107 
Victor Avila  Account Manager   212-462-0109 
Casey Stack  Inside Sales Agent  212-462-0193 
Liz Davis Account Development Specialist 212-462-0187
Alicia Atterberry Inside Sales Agent 212-462-0128
John Carlo Serrano  Customer Experience Technical Specialist 212-462-0112
Stephen Petrillo Customer Experience Coordinator 212-462-0125

   Chicago - 877-880-4267

Dan Gruenpeter Midwest Business Development Manager 312-973-3909
Kari Hess Account Manager 312-973-3909
Jessica Carey Inside Sales Agent  312-973-3909
John Heatley Inside Sales Agent 312-973-3909
Colleen Nutter Customer Service Manager 312-973-3909

   Los Angeles - 818-303-8181

Jerrod Haarstad Director of Order Execution 818-303-8107
Brian Byrne Sales Development Manager 818-303-8161
Jay Peterson Account Development 818-303-8113
Jake Roquemore  Account Manager 818-303-8191
Erin Poole Inside Sales Agent 818-303-8128
Janice Gopez Account Development 818-303-8129
Jeff Giblin Account Manager 818-303-8131
Timothy Longo  Inside Sales Agent 818-303-8151
Nicholas Somera Customer Experience Technical Specialist 818-303-8141
Brittany McDonald Customer Experience Manager 818-303-8103
Jerry Gosin Order Processing Agent 818-303-8108
Larry Larson Order Processing Agent 818-303-8127

Finance Services financing@abelcine.com  

   New York

Andrea Sunara Finance Program Specialist 212-462-0152

   Los Angeles

Toni Rios Partner – AbelCine Finance Services 818-303-8120
Jen Konte Finance Services Consultant 818-303-8160
Estella Lee Finance Administrator 818-303-8143

   New York - 212-462-0135

Mike Nichols Business Development Manager 212-462-0163
Alex Kurze General Manager – NY Rentals 212-462-0165
Tom Digges Rental Agent 212-462-0164
Raymond Baucom Rental Associate 646-981-9917
Marlee Pradichith Check-In Agent 212-462-0122
Kimberly Herman Rental Expeditor 212-462-0120
Emergency Hotline After Hours Technical Support 917-796-1724

   Los Angeles - 818-303-8190

Brandon Zachary Rental Manager 818-303-8111
William Moritz Rental Agent 818-303-8122
Gabriel Mays Rental Agent 818-303-8134
Ed Estrada Check-In Agent 818-303-8133
Emergency Hotline After Hours Technical Support 818-303-4412

Training training@abelcine.com  

   New York - 212-462-0110

Jeff Lee Training Manager 212-462-0143
Rachael Guma Training Coordinator 212-462-0110

   Chicago - 877-880-4267

Megan Donnelly Camera Technology Specialist 312-973-3909

   Los Angeles - 818-303-8135

Andy Shipsides Chief Technology Officer 818-972-9078
Dylan Cimbura-Hernandez Training Coordinator 818-303-8135


   New York - 212-462-0181

Jason Zapata Service Manager 212-462-0126
Jenna Ipcar Service Administrator 212-462-0181

   Los Angeles - 818-303-8119

Girvan Calder II Service Manager 818-303-8118
Juliette Riley Service Administrator 818-303-8119

Integration Services

   NY / CH / LA

Oliver Tong Integration Manager 212-462-0173
Ben Meadors Integration Network Engineer 212-462-0182
JC Sciacca Integration Design Engineer 212-462-0191
Alicia Atterberry Integration – Purchasing 212-462-0128
Josue Ortiz Jr. Integration Technician 347-784-1199


   NY / CH / LA

Jesse Rosen Director of Technical Development 212-462-0186
Elissa Moon Project Manager 212-462-0104
Oscar Luna Product Development Engineer 212-462-0185


   New York

Isaac Kiener Regional Buyer 212-462-0138
Stevie Evelly Purchasing Agent 212-462-0189

   Los Angeles

Juan Gomez Procurement Manager 818-303-8117
Bill McCool Purchasing Agent 818-303-8123

Accounting / Credit    

   NY / CH / LA

Patrick Mayo Credit Analyst 212-462-0196
Bryce Gooch Staff Accountant 818-303-8102

Human Resources    

   NY / CH / LA

Gala Napakh Human Resources Manager 212-462-0133

Office Administration    

   New York

Allison Fasanella Office Manager & HR Assistant 212-462-0100

   Los Angeles

Dylan Cimbura-Hernandez Office Manager 818-303-8135

Marketing marketing@abelcine.com  

   NY / CH / LA

Anna Feil Marketing Content Manager 212-462-0145
Katie Shipsides Product Marketing and Retail Strategy Manager 818-303-8149
Claire Orpeza Community Manager 212-462-0124

Company Directors    

   NY / CH / LA

Pete Abel President / CEO and Co-Founder 212-462-0141
Rich Abel Vice President / COO and Co-Founder 212-462-0161
Henry Jiang Chief Financial Officer 212-462-0132
Andy Shipsides Chief Technology Officer 818-972-9078
Moe Shore Director of Advanced Imaging 212-462-0121
Joe Facchini Director of Product Strategies 212-462-0147
Jerrod Haarstad Director of Order Execution 818-303-8107
Jonathan Epner Director of Market Development 212-462-0142
Jesse Rosen Director of Technical Development 212-462-0186



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