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Our staff is comprised of individuals with unique talents, technical experiences and skill sets, who have real-world experience in both established and emerging formats.

Below is a list of AbelCine staff members organized by department.

If you have a general inquiry, please feel free to call our main office numbers: 

NY: (888) 223-1599          CHI: (877) 880-4267            LA: (888) 700-4416

For technical inquiries, you can contact our specialists: techsupport@abelcine.com

For questions about specific orders or any other customer service matter: customerservice@abelcine.com

Equipment Sales  Equipment Rental Technical Services Customer Service
Technical Specialists & Training Digital Media Services / IT  Accounting/Finance Marketing
Shipping/Order Fulfillment Product Development Procurement Corporate


Name Title Phone Ext
Equipment Sales      
Joseph Facchini Executive Director of Sales & Product Marketing 212-462-0147  
Jonathan Epner Director of Strategic Accounts 212-462-0142  
Steve Cohen  Production Sales 212-462-0131  
Matt Livingston Production Sales 212-462-0146   
Victor Avila Production Sales 212-462-0109  
Alan Rosenfeld  Integration Sales 212-462-0137  
Rebecca West Market Development Sales Rep 212-462-0149  
John Carlo Serrano Sales Agent 212-462-0112  
Kari Hess Production Sales  630-359-5778  x212
Jessica Carey Production Sales 630-359-5778 x215
Krista Kilgore Online Sales 630-359-5778 x214
Jerrod Haarstad Director of West Coast Sales  818-303-8107  
Court Weeks  Production Sales  818-303-8113   
Liz Davis Production Sales 818-303-8128  
Jake Roquemore Production Sales 818-303-8101  
Jeff Giblin Sales Agent 818-303-8131  
Nicholas Somera Sales Agent 818-303-8141  
Equipment Rental      
Mike Nichols Rental Manager 212-462-0163   
Alana Casner  Rental Agent  212-462-0164   
Alex Kurze  Rental Agent  212-462-0165   
David Knappenberger Rental Technical Supervisor   212-462-0119   
Jawann Carmona  Rental Technician  212-462-0172   
Katie Neff Lens Technician 212-462-0127  
Jovon Outlaw Jr. Rental Technician 212-462-0129  
John Kelly Rental Prep Technician 212-462-0117  
Chris Luperi Rental Prep Technician  212-462-0155  
Allison Anderson Rental Prep Technician 212-462-0195  
Sarah Hurwitz Check-in Agent  212-462-0120   
Marlee Pradichith Check-In Expeditor 


Emergency Hotline After Hours Technical Support 917-796-1724  
Brandon Zachary  Rental Manager 


William Moritz  Rental Agent 


Mark Schwietering Rental Agent 818-303-8134  
Todd Ferguson Rental Technician 818-303-8130  
Matt Giblin Rental Operations Coordinator 818-303-8124  
Mark Ybarra Prep Technician/Order Coordinator 818-303-8115  
Timothy Shumaker Rental Prep Technician 818-303-8152  
Matthew Daniger Camera Technician 818-303-8106  
Grady Welch Jr. Camera Technician 818-303-8130  
Ed Estrada  Check-in Agent  


Emergency Hotline After Hours Technical Support 818-303-4412  
Technical Services      
Jason Zapata Service Manager  212-462-0126  
Jenna Ipcar Service Administrator  212-462-0181  
Jeffrey Marzigliano Senior Lens Technician 212-462-0183  
Milos Necakov Service Technician: Digital Cinema 212-462-0134  
Yuriy Vodychko Service Technician: Electronics 212-462-0184  
Casey Ehalt

Lens and Mechanical Technician

Jenna Cunningham

HD Camera Repair Technician

Girvan Calder Service Manager  818-303-8118  
Tori Greene Service Administrator 818-303-8119  
Kyle Price Camera Repair Technician 818-303-8125  
Jorge Diaz-Amador Service Technician: Optics 818-303-8105  
David Fimiani Service Technician: Electronics 818-303-8136  
Jeff Patridge Lens Technician 818-303-8125  
Customer Service      
Danielle Canale Customer Service Manager 212-462-0144  
Krystal Gonzalez Customer Service Agent 212-462-0193  
Alicia Atterberry Customer Service Agent 212-462-0128  
Colleen Nutter  Customer Service Manager 630-359-5778 x211
Krista Kilgore Customer Service Agent 630-359-5778 x214
Janice Gopez Customer Service Manager 818-303-8129  
Brittany McDonald Customer Service Agent 818-303-8103  
Jerry Gosin Customer Service Agent 818-303-8108  
Product Development      
Jesse Rosen Director of Technical Development  212-462-0186  
Oscar Luna Product Development Engineer 


Elissa Moon Project Coordinator 


Integration / IT    
Nathaniel Bonini Director of Integration 212-462-0182  
JC Sciacca Integration & Installation Coordinator 212-462-0100  
Vedran Sehovic IT / Post Services 212-462-0100  
Oliver Sinfield IT Manager 212-462-0100  
James Caldito Network / CRM Administrator  818-972-9078  
Technical Specialists & Training     
Jeff Lee  Training Manager  212-462-0111  
Dave Kincaid HD Camera Support Technician 212-462-0111  
Andrew Finkel Technical Specialist 212-462-0107  
Rachael Guma Events Manager & Training Coordinator 212-462-0110  
Andy Shipsides Director of Education 212-462-0111  
Ian McCausland Camera Technology Specialist / Trainer  212-462-0111  
Juliet McNally Camera Technology Specialist 212-462-0111  
Jamie Alac Digital Cinema Specialist 212-462-0111  
All Locations      
Pete Abel President/CEO 212-462-0100  
Rich Abel Vice President/COO 212-462-0100  
Gala Napakh Human Resources Manager 212-462-0133  
Moe Shore Director of Advanced Imaging 212-462-0121  
Nora Larsen Office Manager 212-462-0123  

Karrie Ducusin

Receptionist/Office Administrator 212-462-0100  
Dylan Cimbura-Hernandez Office Manager 818-303-8135  
Myeesha Murray Receptionist/Office Administrator 818-303-8100  
All Locations      
Henry Jiang CFO 212-462-0100  
Donna Abel Finance Director 212-462-0100  
Toni Rios AbelCine Finance Services 818-303-8120  
Patrick Mayo  Credit Analyst 212-462-0196  
Tisha Merren Staff Accountant 212-462-0101  
Andrea Sunara Finance Services Consultant 212-462-0152  
Estella Lee Accounting/Finance Administrator 818-303-8143  
Bryce Gooch Staff Accountant 818-303-8102  
Aaron Rios Finance Services 818-972-9078  
Anna Feil Marketing Content Manager 212-462-0145  
Liz McGill Art Director 212-462-0192  
Claire Orpeza Social Media Coordinator 212-462-0124  
Denise Bradshaw Products Administrator 212-462-0103  
Stefanie Glasser Marketing Coordinator 212-462-0162   
Katie Shipsides Product Marketing Manager 818-303-8149  
Isaac Kiener Regional Buyer 818-303-8138  
Stevie Evelly Purchasing Agent 212-462-0189  
Derek Manganelli Integration Purchasing Agent 212-462-0125  
Juan Gomez Procurement Manager 818-303-8117  
Bill McCool Purchasing Agent 818-303-8123  
Shipping / Order Fulfillment    
Sean Finnegan Regional Warehouse Manager 212-462-0166  
Darryl Acosta Inventory Assistant 212-462-0198  
Kristen Shalbinski Inventory Assistant 212-462-0139  
Jason Sae-Kung Regional Inventory Manager 818-303-8121  
Barry Smith Inventory Assistant 818-303-8142  
John Heatley Shipping Administrator 818-303-8109  
Ogi Sehovic Office Services Administrator 212-462-0102  
Josue Ortiz Facilities Assistant 212-462-0102  
Mark Martin Facilities Assistant  818-303-8132  
Alexander Stewart Courier 818-303-6927  


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