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AbelCine Debuts First-Ever Performance of Ultra High-Speed Phantom VEO VR Rig During the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend

AbelCine, along with project partners Ben Schwartz, Oculus, MediaMonks and NBA, unveil first-ever high-speed stereo VR footage for the Slam Dunk Competition

NEW YORK, NY—April 20th, 2017AbelCine, a leading provider of products and services to the production, broadcast and new media industries, has teamed up with production house MediaMonks, VR creator Ben Schwartz, Oculus and the NBA, to create the first-ever implementation of the ultra-high-speed Phantom VEO VR solution.

The high-speed stereo VR footage was produced during the Slam Dunk Competition at the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend on February 18th, 2017. As well-versed, leading experts in the virtual reality space, AbelCine was approached by Ola Björling from MediaMonks to capture NBA competitors in the Slam Dunk Competition in VR at previously unachievable ultra slow motion frame rates. The final 360 video will be available to watch on the Oculus platform for Rift and the Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus.


Mike Nichols, VR Specialist and Business Development Manager at AbelCine, who conceived the rig and led the project from the AbelCine side said, “Once we received the specification, we turned to the Phantom VEO because it was the only solution that offered the frame rate, minimal footprint and image quality that production desired.”

Ola Björling, Global Director of VR at MediaMonks said, “Producing VR content for Oculus sets the bar high, so at MediaMonks we were happy to collaborate with the seasoned pro’s at AbelCine to assemble a 360 Phantom capture system to truly capture the magnificent athleticism of some of the best athletes on the planet.”

Five Phantom VEO cameras were mounted on a custom plate supplied by Jason and Josh Diamond of SuperSphere to create full 360 spherical video with 180 degrees of stereoscopic 360, and utilized AbelCine’s Phantom Control Unit (PCU) for camera synchronization. While other VR camera solutions currently max out at 120fps, the VEO VR rig is capable of 1400fps at 1080 resolution per camera.

“The rig consisted of a stereo pair in the front and three mono cameras at sides and rear,” stated VR filmmaker and digital imaging technician, Ben Schwartz. “The front left camera served as the master to which the other four were slaved. Working from a hardlined PCU just off-court during the dunk contest, I was able to operate compactly and efficiently, changing camera settings and capturing in frame-accurate sync across the entire array.”

“We shot 480 fps because it produced an acceptable amount of flicker while giving post-production the ability to further refine frame rates if desired,” continued Schwartz . “Having worked with Phantom cameras for years, I’m excited to see them find a place in VR production.”

Known in the industry as the leaders in the digital high-speed space for their development of the Phantom camera line for the cine market, AbelCine is quickly emerging as a proficient player in the virtual reality space as well. AbelCine’s rental and engineering teams, the same group responsible for the specialized bullet time Phantom Miro rigs for the European Football leagues, worked closely with production to conceive the customized, ground-breaking solution.

For more information on AbelCine, please visit www.abelcine.com.


About AbelCine

AbelCine, established in 1989, is a full service equipment and technology provider to the broadcast, production and new media industries, with facilities in New York City, Burbank, CA and Chicago, IL. Core services include equipment sales, financing, training, rental and tech services. For more information, visit www.abelcine.com.



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