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Explore the Latest Sigma Cine Lineup

Sigma lenses combine a high level of optical performance with compact design and affordable pricing. Their new line of high-speed zoom lenses are optimized for ultra-high-resolution cinematography, and ready for 6K-8K shooting.

Based on the optical design of Sigma’s highly-regarded Art series of still photography lenses, the new Cine High-Speed Zoom line standardizes the screw in filter and front diameters, so you have the flexibility to use matte boxes and other filters you may already own. The gear pitch and positions of the focus and iris ring are standardized as well, allowing for easy lens swaps without having to readjust your follow focus or motor. With 180° focus rotational angle, the Sigma Cine High Speed Zooms offer more than double the precision of a still camera lens, a feature AC’s would appreciate. These lenses combine outstanding image quality and compactness–including S35 coverage, T2 brightness, and superior resolution.

Both lenses in this line were designed with professional DPs in mind while still being “priced to meet the independent filmmaker budget.”


18-35mm sigma1835cinezoom

Think of the Sigma 18-35mm as your everyday lens. Sporting a compact size and weighing in at roughly 3 lbs, this lens is truly versatile. Whether you’re shooting run-and-gun or on set, the high quality optical performance and lightweight design make this a smart choice for a “one man band” or other small crew project.




50-100mm sigma50100cinezoom

The Sigma 50-100mm, on the other hand, can be thought of as your workhorse. This lens offers extremely high-precision zooming, with its 160° zoom rotational angle. Weighing in at roughly 4 lbs, the compactness of this lens, along with its quality and precision, make it an easy choice for DPs needing a robust yet portable zoom.



For a glimpse of Sigma’s new lenses in action, watch Blur below and then make sure to watch the behind-the-scenes video as well.

Both the 18-35 and the 50-100 can be purchased in either Canon EF or Sony E-mount. A PL mount will be available later this summer. Contact your sales representative for more information.


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