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Disassembled and Back: The Journey of an Ultra Prime

The inside of your lens may be mysterious to you, but it’s an everyday sight for our expert lens technicians. In order to overhaul a cinema lens – from the disassembly of the housing, to the cleaning of elements, rings, iris blades, and more – a variety of custom tools are involved. Our technicians check for scale accuracy, optical cleanliness, and make sure the focus, iris, and zoom torque is up to spec.

We use our advanced calibration equipment to measure back focus, MTF (measurement of image contrast as an action of spatial frequency), optical quality, and scale accuracy. With a final projection to test the field symmetry, our technicians triple check everything to ensure your lens will work like a charm.

AbelCine offers skilled lens repair on a large variety of cinema lenses: from full maintenance, overhaul and repair services, to matching, and in-depth comparison on nearly all cinema lenses, as well as third party optical devices and lens adapters.

Our technicians have all received extensive factory training, and both our Burbank and New York City optical departments are fully equipped with the analysis and calibration equipment required to provide sophisticated, factory level service. As the first Carl Zeiss Authorized Service Partner in the Americas, AbelCine is the sanctioned Warranty Service Center for all Carl Zeiss cine lenses in North and South America. We are also an authorized Angenieux and Canon Cinema EOS lens repair facility.

So whether you’re looking for general maintenance and cleaning, the straightening out of dents and dings, or a complete disassembly and overhaul, AbelCine Tech Services has got your back. There’s no appointment necessary, come by whenever you’d like during our business hours.

For more information on our camera, accessory, lens or tripod repair services, you can visit our Technical Services site, or feel free to directly contact LA or NY service:


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