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Ambient Audio Solutions for the Arri AMIRA Now Available at AbelCine

At AbelCine, we’re often asked about audio solutions for the Arri AMIRA, such as how to maintain timecode during battery changes and recommendations for low profile, on-camera microphones designed for the camera. Ambient recently released two new products that address these needs, the Ambient PowerSlot and the Ambient TinyMike Kit. 

Ambient PowerSlot

Finding a place to mount two-channel wireless audio receivers, like the Lectrosonics SMB, has been a challenge since the AMIRA was released, but now Ambient has engineered the PowerSlot to do just that. The PowerSlot provides a safe and secure place at the back of the AMIRA to house and power any two-channel audio receiver, such as the Lectrosonics SMB, Wisycom, or the soon-to-be-released, updated Sennheiser EK 6042. The PowerSlot attaches directly to the back of the AMIRA body and is available in either Anton Bauer Gold (AMS-AB) or V-lock (AMS-V) battery plate configurations. 


Ambient TinyMike Set

Moving from the back of the AMIRA to the front, we find the Ambient ATM-216 TinyMike set. The Ambient ATM-216 is the ideal on-camera microphone choice for the AMIRA as it is highly accurate with an all-metal, super-compact body. The TinyMike sits in a custom Rycote Lyre suspension shock mount that can be attached directly to the Arri MHB-2 mic holder. Included in the TinyMike AMIRA Kit is a specialized shallow XLR connector with a very thin cable that plugs into one of the available AMIRA XLR 3-pin audio jacks. Custom designed cable holders are also included, which secure the cable to the AMIRA side top body. The kit also includes a furry cover for use in windy conditions. 

Taken as a whole these two Ambient products cover the bases on 98% of all AMIRA audio needs while staying out of the camera operator’s way. They also allow the AMIRA to be rented with confidence that full advantage will be taken of its enhanced audio capabilities. 



For a limited time, AbelCine is offering a special financing promotion on the AMIRA Premium Bundle. Qualified customers can take advantage of 1.99% financing for 12 months. This promotion is valid through March 31, 2016. The bundle includes the Arri AMIRA Premium Camera Set and can be customized with corresponding ARRI accessories. It can also be combined with other AbelCine equipment purchases at attractive rates. Our sales and finance team will work with you to customize your bundle and payment options.

For more information, contact: 
Andrea Sunara
Finance Program Specialist   

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