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AbelCine Service: Why We Switched to the Gecko-Cam Collimator & Projector

AbelCine recently installed a Gecko-Cam Collimator Mount Head and Projector in our optical service facility. Our technicians use some of the most advanced optical calibration tools available, and the Gecko-Cam instruments are perfect tools for maintaining our clients’ lenses and our own rental inventory.    

Gecko-Cam Projector

The Gecko-Cam Projector features an Interchangeable Mount System (IMS) that allows for quick changes of a variety of lens mounts. Theses mounts have the option to have mounted glass, which allows projection while mimicking the effects of the OLPF on a camera, something that is required for lenses specifically designed for digital camera use.

The Gecko-Cam Projector has greater light output and more illumination throughout the field. Accessory power is built in, and the robust design is built for greater support of large lenses.


Gecko-Cam Collimator Mount Head

The Gecko-Cam Collimator Mount Head uses the same Interchangeable Mount System as the Projector. The Collimator is compatible with existing an Chrosziel frame and micrometer. It has a solid build, a strong mount construction, and is capable of repeatable measurements.



In addition to being used in our service department, the Gecko-Cam Collimator Mount Head and Projector are also available to purchase from AbelCine. Contact your sales rep for more information or a quote.


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