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What You’ll See From AbelCine at Cine Gear 2015

With Cine Gear Expo taking place in LA from June 5-6, we’ve put together a preview of what you’ll see at our booth #157 at the Paramount Studios. We’ll have cameras, optics, accessories and mobility solutions from Arri, Canon, Freefly, Gates, Panasonic, RED, Sony, and more. Our technical specialists and staff will be on site, so be sure to stop by the booth to get hands-on with the gear and ask questions.

Camera Solutions

Panasonic VariCam & AbelCine Accessories

The original VariCam was groundbreaking in the world of digital broadcast and the “Panasonic Look” became a standard that many wanted to replicate across their various digital camera platforms. The VariCam 35 has the same legendary look, but is now capable of 4K recording with an improved sensor. A modular design means the head can be switched out for the HS head, which records high frame rates and features the traditional 2/3″ broadcast sensor size. The VariCam HS was designed as the next generation broadcast and sports camera, and the VariCam 35 bridges into the cinema world with 4K resolution, dual-codec recording and integrated, redundant workflow. We will be showing the Panasonic VariCam 35 rigged out with AbelCine’s own line of accessories. Our VariCam Cine-Style RiserTop Handle StandoffsMounting Kit and VariBob power distribution box enhance the ergonomics of the camera and provide additional accessory mounting points.

Sony F55 CineAlta 4K Camera

Sony continues to improve and support their high-level CineAlta lineup with ProRes recording now available in the F5 and F55. The F55’s feature set, form factor and aesthetic look, make it ideal for feature production, episodic, and commercial work. We also have found it to be a good fit for sideline sports production and incorporated into cinematic studio environments. We’ll be showing the Sony F55 in a cinematic setup with Arri accessories, the AKS-R5 2K/4K/RAW Recorder, and the DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder

Phantom Flex4K with Audio Recording

Vision Research announced several key updates to their Flex4K at NAB. The Flex4K has quickly become the camera of choice for high-end, high-speed projects thanks to its ability to record up to 1000 fps at 4K and 2000 fps at 2K. The latest updates make the camera even more versatile and suitable for all types of production. Audio recording for sync-sound and higher frame rates is now enabled, making the Flex4K the first high-speed camera with integrated audio. The audio is recorded as uncompressed .wav files at frame rates at or above 23.976 fps and saved as separate files within the RAM or CineMag IV.

The Flex4K will also gain the ability to record in Apple ProRes 422 HQ in a future firmware update. Read the full press release here.

Arri AMIRA and Canon Cine-Servo 17-120

The Arri AMIRA is designed with the run-n-gun shooter in mind. Arri recently added a new licensed feature for ProRes UHD recording and output, enabling the camera to meet the needs of even more productions. We are showing the AMIRA built-up in a documentary, sports, and reality television configuration, featuring our new UMS Conversion Kit for Canon Cine-Servo 17-120. The UMS Conversion kit allows you to change between camera lens mounts in the field without needing to adjust back focus. The UMS keeps the EF electronics intact. The Canon Cine-Servo 17-120 has the servo that is synonymous with ENG lenses, but will work on all current 4K cameras and the RED DRAGON up to 5.5K FF, making it one of the most versatile lenses available and perfect for sports and documentary production.


As authorized RED Digital Cinema dealers, we will be showing the RED EPIC DRAGON outfitted with the latest accessories. We’ll be featuring the new high resolution RED Touch 7.0″ LCD, 4K Broadcast Module and the new Switchblade-M interface. The 4K Broadcast Module unlocks the ability to output live 4K video up to 60p, while retaining the ability to capture 6K raw internally.


The ALEXA Mini was the hit of NAB, and for good reason. This miniaturized ALEXA has nearly all the features of its bigger brothers, but in a compact and lightweight setup. Coming in at 5 lbs, the ALEXA Mini is perfect for gimbal and UAV setups, but is just as ideal built up for shoulder mount operation. We’ll be showing the camera rigged out on a Freefly MōVI M15 gimbal with a Zeiss Compact Prime lens and Bright Tangerine Atom Mattebox, both perfect for lightweight applications. We will also be showing the Transvideo Starlight 5″ monitor, which can also act as a control service for the camera. 

Canon C300 DAF

The Canon C300 with dual-pixel auto focus is a production mainstay. It features price point, form-factor, and image quality to make it one of the most popular cameras available today. With the recent addition of dual-pixel auto focus, combined with its size and weight, the camera is perfectly suited for gimbal and UAV work as well. We will be showing the C300 on a MōVI M10 gimbal, rigged up with a Canon Cinema Lens. Look for it up in the air in our booth, as it will be hanging from a jib.

Camera Mobility for Land and Sea

Gates Underwater Housings

Gates is known for making the best quality underwater products, all designed to perfectly fit and control a camera. We’ll be showing one of their most recent creations, their housing for the ALEXA Mini. The Mini is perfect for underwater use, and Gates gives you the quality of the ALEXA in a housing that can be easily managed. We’ve partnered with Gates to offer training on Gates housings, so you can start working with them right away. We have a variety of Gates underwater housings available to rent, including housings for the RED Epic/Dragon and the Canon C300/C500.


Freefly is continually innovating and leading the way with both gimbals and UAVs. Their announcement of the Freefly MIMIC was a big hit at NAB. At Cine Gear we’ll have our MōVI controllers enabled with the MIMIC mode for you to try out – and this is something you really have to try for yourself. We’ll also have the Freefly Systems WEDGE FIZ controller setup for remote focus, iris, and zoom. The WEDGE is controlled by the MōVI controller. As mentioned above, we’ll have the MōVI M15 setup with the ALEXA Mini, and the MōVI M10 with the Canon C300 with Digital Auto Focus rigged up in the sky on the Prosup E-Jib


Our camera mobility section will also feature the new Exhauss exoskeleton system, which combines a Steadicam-like vest and arms designed to hold a gimbal system like the MōVI. The vest makes holding these rigs for long periods of time possible and easy. Come by the booth to check it out and try it on yourself.


AbelCine is the US Reseller for Ronford-Baker fluid heads and tripods, a staple of rental houses around the world. Many of our camera setups at Cine Gear will be displayed on Ronford-Baker products. We’ll have the Atlas 7 and Atlas 40 fluid heads in the booth, as well as their slider and the Billet Bazooka pedestal. 


Registration for Cine Gear is free until May 30, and after that it will be $30 at the door. When you stop by AbelCine’s booth #157, don’t forget to have your badge scanned. You’ll be entered into a Vitec Group raffle, where you could win up to $10,000 worth of valuable gear.


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