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Case Study: Furnishing Carnegie Council with a Scalable Shared Storage Solution


Since their founding 100 years ago, in 1914, the mission of Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs has been to grow the audience that believes in the simple but powerful message that ethics matter, regardless of location, origin, or belief.

Their media production facility, Carnegie Ethics Studio, is responsible for more than 80 annual events, interviews, and shows that are filmed and edited in-house. The Studio distributes the resulting multimedia to online, TV, and radio outlets.

Every event at the Carnegie Council was recorded directly to ProRes files on AJA Ki Pro recorders, giving the editors quick access to the material once the files were copied over to individual external hard drives. But the team of editors, producers and graphic artists had no way of sharing the material other than passing a hard drive from desk to desk.

This lack of shared media became a source of frustration as the team compiled highlight reels to celebrate the Council’s Centennial in 2014. The team knew they needed a shared storage solution, but their budget severely constrained their choices.


The AbelCine integration team worked with the Council for over a year to find the right solution that fit their needs and budget. AbelCine analyzed what was most important to the editors and producers, what the essential technical requirements were, and which products could offer a workflow that made sense for them.

Platform Studio is ProMAX’s solution for smaller workgroups and is capable of being used as a portable system. The Council took advantage of the attractive price point of the system and expanded the storage capability to a maximum 96TB of storage, allowing them to retain as much of their relevant material as possible online.

The Council selected Platform Studio because it offered them great performance over 1GB Ethernet, which meant no new fiber or adapters needed to be purchased. The system also features an easy to use and understand web-based interface for users and administrators. After a half day of introduction and training, the entire team was working away on the platform.

The simple media asset management features of the Platform Studio will also be helpful in tagging and organizing the finished pieces for future reference.


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