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A Virtual Tour of Our New Audio Section

Sound can be an intimidating topic for many videographers, especially with the current demand for videographers and camera operators to provide their own audio for smaller projects. That’s why we’ve selected the best products and expanded our audio displays in both our NY and LA locations in order to make fulfilling these needs easier. Our new audio section is divided into four areas: on and off camera microphones, on-camera and boompole shock mounts, a listening station, and microphone accessories and cables.

Section 1: On and Off Camera Microphone Solutions

The first section of the new audio area features our on and off camera microphone solutions, including a selection of Sennheiser and RODE products. Our Sennheiser microphones have been selected to cover everything from on-camera solutions to specialized off camera microphones. Some of the Sennheiser options on display are the Sennheiser 600, an all-purpose utility shotgun microphone, the Sennheiser ME64 cardioid microphone, for preferred on-camera audio, the ME66 super cardioid microphone, and the 8060 short shotgun, which can be adapted for later digital use. 

The RODE mics on display include the ultra-compact and lightweight shotgun VideoMic Pro and run through the NTG-1, NTG-2, and NTG-3. The NTG-1 has a lightweight construction and broadcast sound quality; it is designed for professional audio capturing in the field or indoors. The NTG-2 is a dual powered, high quality shotgun microphone, designed for professional applications, while the NTG-3 is incredibly durable and highly weatherproof.


Section 2: On Camera and Boom Pole Shock Mount Holders and Adapters

This section is home to Rycote InVision on-camera shock mounts, in 1/4″ and hot shoe versions, for camera and handling noise reduction. It also contains RODE suspension shock mounts, for mounting various RODE microphones onto a camera. Look for new shock mounts from Ktek coming by the end of the year.


Section 3: Listening Station

We’ve put a lot of thought into our listening station, which features the Sound Devices MixPre-D, the two-channel field camera audio mixer, and the Sound Devices 633 Recorder Mixer, geared towards larger productions. We paired them with the Sennheiser ME-66 microphone, and tied the two mixers together so customers can listen to them with the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II and Sony professional headphones. You can pick up the headphones and try this combination out for yourself.

We also have a new, separate wireless audio section featuring the new Sony UWP-D series and Sennheiser EW 100 G3 portable camera mount set. The new Lectrosonics L-series will be arriving before the end of the year.


Section 4: Microphone Accessories & Cables

We’ve greatly expanded our microphone accessories with boompoles, microphone wind shields, and adapters. We’re also expanding our new audio cable selection with industry standard Canare and others. Make sure to look out for a dedicated section on timecode, coming soon as well.

Stop into our showrooms in NY or LA, or make an appointment with our retail sales team, to demo or learn more about our audio selection. You can contact our audio specialists, Andrew Finkel in NY or Ian McCausland in LA, who are always available to answer questions or review any project needs.


Audio Education

To continue the audio education, we’ve added a new Audio for the Videographer Series. These three-hour workshops are designed specifically for videographers and still photographers new to motion capture who are looking to learn more about audio and sound production. Each workshop covers a specific topic, with each one building on the last. These workshops feature many of the products in our audio section.

Part 1: Understanding Audio covers the basic fundamentals of sound and the sound chain as it applies to on-location sound recording. This class explores and discusses on-camera and off-camera, single system and double system approaches to gathering location sound based on production requirements and conditions. This workshop is taking place in NY on November 24.

Part 2: Microphones and Applications builds upon the knowledge gained in Part 1. Participants will learn the properties and characteristics of microphones in a way that builds upon their existing knowledge of light and optics. This workshop is taking place in NY on December 1.

We also have a Location Sound for the Camera Operator with Dean Miles workshop taking place in LA on December 4. This workshop is geared toward documentary camera operators who want to achieve quality audio.

These workshops are coming quickly, so make sure to register today!

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