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AbelCine Service: Drop Off Your Canon C300 for the Auto Focus Feature Upgrade

Canon’s breakthrough Dual Pixel AF upgrade for the C300 is now available. AbelCine Service will facilitate the upgrade for you when you drop of your C300 at one of our locations.

The C300 upgrade offers a unique auto focus mode utilizing Canon’s Dual Pixel AF technology to help ensure sharp focus and smooth focus transitions. The upgrade provides a new Continuous AF function and, when used in conjunction with the new AF Lock feature, allows an operator to hold focus during re-framing or when occlusions mask the main subject. Additionally, the One-Shot AF feature introduced with firmware is enhanced with the Dual Pixel technology, providing a speed boost and a more natural look with no focus overshoot.

The upgrade is ideal for those who regularly work with smaller crews and want smoother, more natural-looking autofocus. Documentary production, news gathering, sports, nature and wildlife are just some of the applications for the Continuous AF Function.

This is a $500 feature upgrade that requires installation by an accredited Canon service center. You can drop off your C300 at AbelCine’s NY or Burbank, CA service location for convenient and quick facilitation of this upgrade for no extra cost. Our service department will handle the shipping for you, and our Service Technicians will inspect your camera upon its return to ensure everything is updated and working properly.

Contact our Service Managers for more information.

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