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Panel Discussion: 25 Years of Camera and Lens Advancements

Over the last 25 years, the range of image acquisition tools has expanded exponentially and opened up many possibilities. At our 25 Year Celebration in Los Angeles, we put together a panel of seasoned image-makers and new talent to get their take on how technology has changed and continues to influence their craft. With camera costs decreasing and distribution channels on the rise, cinematographers are now faced with unique challenges and opportunities.

Suny Behar Director, Cinematographer sunybehar.com
Bill Bennett, ASC Cinematographer wfb4.com
Michelle DeLorimier Digital Imaging Technician theDIThouse.com
Rob Givens Cinematographer IMDb
Robert Primes, ASC Cinematographer robertprimes.com
Moe Shore (moderator) Director of Advanced Imaging, AbelCine


The panel began with a discussion of the accelerating pace of technical advancement and the resulting need to always be learning. Some of the panelists suggested that specialization was one way to adapt to this reality. Other topics of conversation were the pressure on cinematographers to do their best work in a shorter amount of time, and the impact of having high-resolution monitors, which allow everyone to see what is being produced, on-set. Trends in optics and Extended Dynamic Range (or High Dynamic Range) were also discussed.

Watch the video above to learn more about the past and future of camera and lens technology.



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