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25 Year Celebration LA – Schedule of Events

We’re getting pretty excited for our 25 Year Celebration in LA on October 18. Below is a schedule of the seminars that will be happening throughout the day. Updates and further details will be posted here as they come in, so keep an eye on this page as the date gets closer.

Discussions and Panels 

11-11:30am  Cinema Verité Shooting with the Sony FS7 
Indoors, Theater 1 We will be showing off Sony’s new FS7 camera, designed to offer verité-style shooting with a unique ergonomic design. This shoulder-mounted camera features a 4K sensor, 4K XAVC recording, and a high-speed mode up to 120fps.
11:45am RAFFLE
12-12:30pm  Practical VFX with Phantom High-Speed
Theater 1 
High-speed photography enables us to see the world in a way that we never have before. It can produce magical results that have only been the stuff of movie magic in the past. Combine these images with the work of a talented VFX artist, and high-speed photography can take on whole new dimensions. Join VFX artist and director Brendan Bellomo as he talks about some of his new work and his experiences with the Phantom. 
   Brendan Bellomo    Director   brendanbellomo.com
12:45pm RAFFLE
1-1:30pm Paranormal Activity: Shooting Low Light with the a7S
Theater 1  
Directory of Photography John Rutland discusses working with the Sony F5, FS700, and a7S on the latest film in the Paranormal Activity series. He will describe his process and and what it was like to use the cameras on this feature, including how he put the a7S’s low-light capabilities to the test. 
   John Rutland    Cinematographer    johnwrutland.com
1:30-2:15pm Panel: Shooting Non-Scripted with Canon Cameras 
Non-scripted and documentary production is taking off in a big way. With the internet and new distribution channels, non-scripted content is reaching more people in more forms than ever before. Canon cameras help empower filmmakers to make this possible, so join a panel of documentary and non-scripted filmmakers to discuss documentary production and the tools they use today.
  Shana Hagan    Cinematographer    shanahagen.com
Sandra Chandler  Cinematographer sandrachandler.net
Kief Davidson    Director   kiefdavidson.com
Senain Kheshgi    Director, Producer    @senain
2-2:30pm The VariCam Look (Now in 4K)
Theater 1 
The new Panasonic VariCam updates the look and functionality of the original for today’s modern filmmakers. The system features two different heads, the 35 and HS. Come check out some new footage from the cameras, screened in 4K, and stay for a Q&A session with Panasonic specialists afterwards. 
  Suny Behar    Director, Cinematographer    sunybehar.com     
2:30-3:15pm Panel: Camera Movement – Steadicams, Gimbals, Drones & The Future
Outdoors, Tent Camera movement is both a technique and an art form. The Steadicam enables filmmakers to tell stories in unique and interesting ways. Now over the last few years, we’ve seen a wave of new stabilization devices and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) that push boundaries even further. These devices enable filmmmakers, but also introduce their own set of challenges. Join industry professionals who have used these tools in the field for a discussion their advantages and the implications of these new ways to move the camera.
  Gus Calderon    Founder/CEO, IsisCopter    isiscopter.com
Kenji Luster Camera/Steadicam Operator    kenjicam.com
Chris McKechnie    
Cinematographer, Editor    digitalcinemaguy.com
Lucien Miller    
Owner, Innov8tive Designs     bio
Rich Moriarty    MoVI Operator, Camera Assistant    filmography    
Charles Papert  Cinematographer    charlespapert.com
Robert Rodriguez    Society of Aerial Cinematographers    @aerialcine 
3-3:30pm Panel: Arri AMIRA in the Field
Theater 1 
The Arri AMIRA is a versatile documentary-style camera that combines exceptional image quality with an ergonomic design, optimized for single-operator use and extended shoulder-mounted operation. Now that the camera has been in the field for a few months, we’ve gathered several users together to share their real-world experiences. 
  Shana Hagan    Cinematographer    shanahagen.com
Boyd Hobbs    Director of Photography    boydhobbs.com
Steve Garrett    Cinematographer    bio  
3:45pm RAFFLE
4-4:45pm Panel: 25 Years of Camera and Lens Advancement


Since the founding of AbelCine in 1989, advancements in imaging technology have led to a vastly different landscape of choice for filmmakers in 2014. Additionally, during this time, the distribution opportunities for filmed content have expanded exponentially. This seminar will take a technology snapshot of then (1989) and now (2014) and ask a distinguished panel, representing filmmakers of various generations, how this quarter century of change has affected their art, craft and business. The panel will also speculate on where technology will drive the profession during the next 25 years.
  Suny Behar    Director, Cinematographer    sunybehar.com
Bill Bennett, ASC    
Cinematographer    wfb4.com
Michelle DeLorimier    Digital Imaging Technician    theDIThouse.com
Rob Givens    Cinematographer    robgivens.com
Robert Primes, ASC    
Cinematographer    robertprimes.com
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