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AbelCine Service: Creating the Full AbelCine Experience

25 years ago AbelCine was founded as a service company, which is clearly evident in how the company operates today. Our service department is the backbone of the company, providing service and support to each of our other departments to ensure our customers receive the full benefit of our technical expertise. 

“I think of AbelCine as a full service professional shop, not only can I get the gear I need, but also the support to operate it and make me a better artist.” – Lisa Yimm   

Our service department evaluates and prepares our gear before it reaches our clients’ hands. Through our Platinum and tech prep services on cameras, lenses, and tripods, clients can expect that the equipment they purchased is in top working order before they receive it. And since you never know what issues will arise in the field or on set, it’s nice to know that we’ve got the in-house knowledge base to support your project – no matter how complex the solution. 

Our technicians not only service our sales equipment – they also service our rental gear. Before and after every rental job, our gear is inspected and serviced if need be. 

Our service department is deeply experienced in working with the sophisticated optics today’s digital cameras require. As a Canon, Angenieux, and Zeiss warranty service center, our technicians are factory trained and receive ongoing training throughout the year. Our equipment is regularly inspected and calibrated, and our technicians can provide warranty and non-warranty repair. Our service technicians have also provided training to other manufacturer’s technicians as well. 

“Almost anyone can sell or rent this equipment. But everyone [at AbelCine] – sales, rentals, service, and technical support – cares about what they’re doing. They’re passionate about the industry, the equipment, and – most importantly – their customers.” – Skip Clark 

With a deep understanding of all levels of production and broadcast markets, our service department is always evolving our offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients. They integrate this knowledge into every one of our departments, helping to create a unique, full-service environment that our clients can count on. 


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