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Prepping the Phantom Flex4K: Our Service Value

When you purchase a Phantom Flex4K from AbelCine, it receives our Platinum Prep for digital cinema cameras at no additional charge. This service is provided by our highly trained service technicians in our New York and Burbank facilities.

Our Phantom Flex4K prep services start with a thorough testing of all camera functions. This two- to three-hour prep includes inspection of the camera body, all recording media, download devices, and all accessories that were purchased with the camera to ensure that everything is up to speed and working accurately.

Every camera gets an AbelCine sensor and optical low pass filter cleaning, as well as a back focus adjustment to AbelCine standards. Our Service Department also tests all ports on camera, and download stations are tested for functionality and speed.  

Our Service Department tests each camera to the highest degree to ensure it meets industry standards, as well as checking the post-production and camera accessories compatibility. During the process, AbelCine service techs work closely with Vision Research, the camera’s manufacturer, on future improvements to the Flex4K to meet the needs of the industry going forward.

For more information on our camera prep services, contact:

East Coast   West Coast
Jason Zapata   Girvan Calder
Service Manager   Service Manager
jzapata@abelcine.com   girvan@abelcine.com
212-462-0126   818-303-8118

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