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AbelCine is the Only Zeiss Factory Authorized Service Location in North America

AbelCine is the only lens service location in North America that is capable of performing service and calibrating Zeiss lenses at the same level as the Zeiss Factory in Oberkochen, Germany.

Our locations in NY and LA use the same calibration equipment used in the Zeiss Factory, and our Zeiss factory lens testing equipment is calibrated by Zeiss yearly. Our service technicians received master training in the Zeiss factory in 2010 and are trained on a yearly basis by Zeiss’s head trainer. This training is only provided to official Zeiss service centers.

AbelCine NY and LA are two of the only five official Zeiss Cine Lens Service Centers in the world. Our optical technicians are certified on the repair and maintenance of all Carl Zeiss prime cine lenses, as well as the operation of all optical test equipment relating to these functions.

Zeiss lens testing equipment is among the most sophisticated in the world, and is trusted by many different lens and optical manufacturers. Our Zeiss lens testing equipment at AbelCine provides quick and fully objective measurements of lens performance.

For more information on our lens services, contact:

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Jason Zapata   Girvan Calder
Service Manager   Service Manager
jzapata@abelcine.com   girvan@abelcine.com
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