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What You’ll See from AbelCine at Cine Gear 2014

AbelCine will once again be exhibiting at Cine Gear Expo LA, June 6-7, with a range of digital cinema cameras, optics, and accessories from a variety of manufacturers. Make sure to stop by our booth #S231, Sound Stage 31, to get hands-on with the gear, plus meet our staff and technical specialists. Here’s a preview of some of what we will be showing. 

Phantom Flex4K 

Phantom cameras continue to be the industry standard for high-speed acquisition, and the Flex4K raises the bar once again. Offering 4K recording up to 1,000fps and 2K recording up to 2,000fps, the Flex4K is also the most production-friendly Phantom camera yet. It features a 12-bit, 10 megapixel CMOS sensor with low noise and excellent dynamic range. For even greater flexibility, the Flex4K supports RAW and compressed recording formats as well. 


The AMIRA is Arri’s newest camera, designed specifically for documentary and indie shooters. It features the same sensor as the ALEXA, meaning 14 stops of dynamic range, a native ISO of 800, and EI range from 170-3200. For ENG shooters, a number of assignable buttons and dials cover the camera; white balance, EI and shutter can all be easily adjusted from the outside of the camera with dials on the operator’s side. The AMIRA can record in ProRes formats up to 4:4:4 in HD and 2K modes up to 200fps. 

Sony F55

Since debuting a year ago, Sony’s F55 has been upgraded with frequent firmware upgrades, including SLog3 / Sgamut3.Cine, 2K Raw up to 240fps, anamorphic de-squeeze, Center Scan mode for 2/3″ and Super 16 lenses, S&Q (slow and quick) in 4K Raw up to 60fps (up to 240fps in 2K Raw), and user LUTs. The F55 records 4K, 2K, or HD internally, with the option to record 4K/2K Raw to the Sony AXS-R5 recorder. It also boasts an electronic global shutter, 8.9MP Super 35 CMOS sensor, and multiple viewfinder options, all in a compact, lightweight package.

Canon C500

The C500 is the top of Canon’s Cinema EOS line and offers the flexibility of 4K, 2K, or HD image capture in either PL or EF-mount options. Featuring a Super 35, 8.85 megapixel CMOS image sensor, it can output 4K Raw up to 120fps as well as 12-bit 2K and HD video.

To show off its 4K capabilities, we’ll be displaying the C500 with Convergent Design’s new Odyssey7Q. The Odyssey7Q is a combination monitor and recorder that allows recording of Canon 4K Raw, along with Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD (up to 120fps), uncompressed HD/2K RGB 444 (up to 60fps), 2K/HD Raw, and ARRIRAW (4:3 and 16:9). 

Freefly Systems MōVI

The MōVI M5 draws on the advanced stabilization technology developed for the M10 and allows for amazingly smooth footage in even the most demanding situations. Designed with a compact form factor that can handle cameras up to 5lbs, the M5 can be operated in Majestic Mode (for single operators) or in two-person mode with the RC wireless controller. 

 AbelCine Optical Accessories

Our AbelCine-designed Resolution Analysis Charts are created specifically for today’s high-resolution camera systems. Available in 40″ or 20″ versions, along with a 10″ Focus Bowtie, these charts make it easier to determine accurate, repeatable measurements for cameras and lenses that resolve 2K, 4K, and higher.

Newly announced this year is our Matchmaker Color Chart, which is a portable color chart that features a color pattern with 3 levels of saturation (up to 75% saturation in the Rec 709 color space) on one side and a pair of logarithmic grey scales (5 stops in 1/2-stop increments) on the other.

On display we will also have our full line of optical adapters co-designed by AbelCine and IB/e Optics, including the latest product additions: the HDx1.4 and the PLx1.4 Extender. 

Another new product we’ll be showing off is the UMS Conversion Kit for Canon Cinema Zoom Lenses, which we introduced at NAB this year, which allows in-the-field switching of lens mounts on Canon Cinema Zooms and Cinema Compact Zooms. Once the UMS Conversion kit has been installed, the mount can easily be switched between PL, EF, E, F, FZ and MFT. 

We hope you’ll stop by to get a closer look at these products, along with more information on the many services that AbelCine offers – sales, rental, service, integration, financing and training. Plus, you can enter our #AbelCineGear contest for a chance to win a free one-day rental and intensive training class! If you haven’t already, visit the official Cine Gear Expo page to register – registration is free until May 31.









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