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AbelCine Announces New and Expanded Fall Workshop Lineup

AbelCine has just announced our all new Fall workshop schedule, which has been expanded to include three additional workshop series, and over 40 individual class topics.

Based on our clients’ requests, we’ve added new topics that are most important to working and aspiring professionals. Our popular Digital Technician series is returning with some newly added classes, while our previous HD Essentials series has been revamped as the Digital Cinema Series. Three  brand new series are also being offered for the first time: the Digital AC series, the Digital Loader series, and the Location Audio series. 

See below for a breakdown of our new Fall classes! 

      Digital Cinema Series 
  • DC101: Camera Sensors
  • DC201: Camera Ins & Outs
  • DC301: Camera Color & Gamma
  • DC401: Raw, Log & Uncompressed
  • HD Formats 101: Media, Compression, and Formats
  • Optics 101: Principles of Optics New
  • Optics 201: Testing & Choosing Your Lenses New
     Digital AC Series All New
  • Digital AC 101: Basic Knowledge & Practices
  • Digital AC 201: Building the Camera
  • Digital AC 301: Advanced Options – FIZ, lens Control
  • Red Cameras for the AC
  • ALEXA Camera for the AC
  • Sony Cameras for the AC
  • Canon Cameras for the AC
  • General Maintenance: Taking Care of Your Camera
     Digital Loader Series All New
  • Digital Loader 101: Storage & Media
  • Digital Loader 201: Making the Copy
  • Digital Loader 201: Complex Setups
     Digital Technician Series 
  • Understanding Color
  • Understanding Scopes
  • Camera Painting & Matching
  • Monitor Calibration
  • Shooting & Exposing Log
  • On-Set LUT Creation 101: 1D & 3D LUTs
  • On-Set LUT Creation 201: Creative Application New
  • Working with Raw 101: Raw Formats
  • Working with Raw 201: Making the Grade New
    Location Audio Series All New
  • Location Audio 101: Understanding Audio
  • Location Audio 201: Microphone Types
  • Working with Wireless Audio: Sennheiser
  • Working with a Boom: Sennheiser
  • Location Audio Mixing

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