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What You’ll See from AbelCine at Cine Gear 2013

Once again, we’ll be exhibiting at Cine Gear Expo LA, May 31 – June 1, with a range of digital cinema cameras, optics and accessories from a variety of manufacturers. Stop by our booth #S 225 to get hands-on with the equipment and meet our staff and technical specialists. Here’s a preview of what we will be showing.

Flex4KPhantom Flex4K

Since its debut at NAB this year, the Flex4K has generated a lot of excitement. This groundbreaking camera offers 4K recording up to 1,000 fps and 2K recording up to 2,000 fps. It features a 12-bit, 10 megapixel CMOS sensor with low noise and excellent dynamic range. For even greater flexibility, the Flex4K supports RAW and compressed recording formats.

Sony F55

PMW-F55Sony’s F55 offers vast exposure latitude and ultra-wide color gamut, with the same color filter array and bit depth technology used in Sony’s flagship F65. The F55 records 4K, 2K or HD internally, with the option to record 4K/2K RAW to an external recorder. It boasts an electronic global shutter, 8.9MP Super-35 CMOS sensor, and can shoot up to 240 fps – all this in a compact, lightweight package. The F55 camera body weighs less than 5 lbs.

Canon C500

Canon C500The C500, the top of Canon’s Cinema EOS line, offers the flexibility of 4K, 2K or HD image capture in either PL or EF-mount options. With outstanding image quality, it is suitable for features, VFX and 3D applications. Featuring a Super-35, 8.85 megapixel CMOS image sensor, the C500 can output 4K raw up to 120fps as well as 2K and HD video.

We will also be showing off the 4K capacity of the C500 with the AJA Ki Pro Quad. The Ki Pro Quad can debayer the 4K raw signal from the C500 and capture it as a 4K ProRes file, as well providing 4K monitoring options and raw data passthrough via Thunderbolt.


Alexa StudioArri’s ALEXA family continues to be an industry standard for high-end digital cinema production. The ALEXA Studio features a large, 4:3 Super-35 senor that allows for proper shooting with both standard and anamorphic lenses. A genuine spinning mirror optical viewfinder means you truly see what the lens sees. Like other cameras in the line, the ALEXA Studio boasts a native 800 ISO sensor, 14-stops of dynamic range, ARRIRAW recording and internal ProRes recording to SxS cards. Arri recently announced the XT (Xtended Technology) upgrade to the ALEXA line, which includes the XR ARRIRAW Module, anamorphic de-squeeze and high-speed licenses.

Of course, having the right lens is just as important as your camera choice. AbelCine specializes in optics and optical service. Here are few of the lenses and optical adapters we’ll have on display at Cine Gear. (If you can’t wait until Cine Gear, check out this Livestream of a recent AbelCine EXPO on Lightweight Cine Zooms.)

Angenieux Optimo DP Rouge 30-80mm T2.8 Zoom

Angenieux Optimo DP ZoomThe Angenieux Optimo DP (Digital Production) zooms are versatile lenses for large format digital cameras, which provide Optimo quality at an affordable price. The Optimo DP Rouge 30-80mm T2.8 Zoom is lightweight and compact, weighing 4.2 lbs, with a front diameter of 114mm and close focus at 2′. Optimo’s unique mechanical design offers precise zoom and focus, with no ramping and no breathing.
Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 Compact Cinema Zoom
Fujinon’s Cabrio series, 19-90mm and 85-30mm, has a unique design with a quickly removable zoom handgrip, with built-in lens motors for focus, iris and zoom rocker control. It also features cine-style .08 gearing on its rings. Ideal for handheld, ENG and doc-style shooting, the Cabrio is lightweight enough for compact Super-35 cameras.
HDx35 Mark II B4/PL Optical Adapter
HDx35 MkIIThe HDx35 Mk II, designed and built by IB/E Optics for AbelCine, enables B4-mount 2/3” HD video lenses to work with most Super-35 format, large sensor cameras. It mounts between the lens and the camera, expanding the projected light to cover the larger sensor area. The relative depth of field expected for the larger sensor is achieved, while the usual field of view when the lens is mounted to a 2/3″ camera is maintained. The Mark II system has increased coverage to work with more cameras, and now includes the Universal Mount System (UMS).
PLx2 2x Extender
PLx2Modern cameras require the highest quality optics with designs optimized for electronic sensors. Designed and built by IB/E for AbelCine, the PLx2 2x Extender is an optical extender that doubles the focal length of 35mm PL-mount lenses. The PLx2 features high-index, low-dispersion glass to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation. The optical design is optimized for digital cameras, which work best with highly telecentric lenses.
AbelCine Resolution Analysis Charts
Resolution Analysis ChartAbelCine has designed a line of Resolution Analysis Charts specifically for today’s high-resolution camera systems. These charts makes it easier to determine accurate, repeatable measurements for cameras and lens that resolve 2K, 4K and higher. They also provide additional camera evaluation capabilities for camera techs, camera assistants and equipment owners. Some key features of the charts are circular patterns, a symmetrical layout, multiple aspect ratios, colors and grayscale, frame-relative units of measurement, and MTF targets. The charts are available in 40″ and 20″ versions, with a 10″ Focus Bowtie Chart in development.

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