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Case Study: Digital Imaging Technician Training with Local 600

The Local 600 Education Committee wanted all their union members to have the same level of education. They had been trying to organize a Digital Imaging Technician workshop for years, and they approached AbelCine to help them create and teach the workshop.

During our meeting they presented us with several requirements.

  • Due to union negotiations, the workshop had to be organized and taught in less than two months.

  • When presenting the latest technology, they wanted to include the perspectives of working professionals and manufacturer representatives.

  • They wanted their members to be exposed to a broad range of technology and topics, but their budget only allowed for a two-day workshop.


With all of these stipulations, the Local 600 team was not sure that putting together such a workshop would be feasible. AbelCine rose to the challenge and put together a proposal in a matter of days.

We suggested a two-day workshop that would be split into several smaller seminars. Each seminar would cover a specific topic and would be run by an expert in the field. AbelCine would teach several of these seminars and would bring in industry experts on topics such as color science, LUT management, studio camera matching, sound, and post-production. Together these sessions would cover all the latest production equipment.

Local 600 approved the curriculum and expanded it with sections on union rules and procedures. The workshops were held in AbelCine’s New York and Burbank training centers for a group of thirty working Digital Imaging Technicians. AbelCine recruited some of the top professionals in our industry to educate the union members. We also brought our own experience to the classroom, teaching four of the seminars.

The workshops were so successful that Local 600 repeated them the following year in Atlanta, Georgia.


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