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Case Study: Class Collaboration and Support with New York University Tisch School of the Arts


Director of Photography Sandi Sissel, ASC, who teaches the 3rd Year Advanced Cinematography Class on Digital Techniques at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, wanted to give her students a hands-on professional shooting experience with a selection of the latest Digital Cinema cameras in the industry. However, like almost all film schools, it was impractical and far outside the budget for NYU to own the full array of high-end camera systems currently on the market.

Sandi and NYU program directors came to AbelCine to discuss the best way to utilize AbelCine’s rental equipment, facility, and knowledgeable staff to augment her curriculum and, most importantly, give her students access to all the camera systems she wanted to cover in the class.


For two years in a row, AbelCine trainers and specialists worked directly with Sandi to provide the equipment components and level of technical support she specifically requested for each class.

As a result, AbelCine participated in six out of the thirteen course classes. Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Sony F65 and Phantom cameras were supplied and outfitted with the lenses and accessories that would be found on live production sets. AbelCine’s NY facility was the location of these classes and the appropriate AbelCine specialist presented each camera technology under Sandi’s direction.

By holding classes in a working professional facility, with gear outfitted in a real world fashion, students came away with a rich, relevant experience. Students were given the opportunity to build a direct relationship with a rental house, and gain a familiarity with members of AbelCine’s staff, both of which would be valuable to them in their professional lives.

NYU had access to camera technology at a fraction of the cost of direct ownership, with the added benefit of AbelCine’s knowledge pool as a key complementing component.

Most importantly, NYU was able to tailor AbelCine’s services, as well as the degree of implementation, specifically to the program’s needs and budget. Sandi and NYU program directors maintained complete control of the process throughout.


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