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AbelCine Announces New Cloud Services

We live in a world where geography and proximity no longer determine how we communicate. Today, people routinely communicate through the cloud, the air, the ether, whatever you want to call it. Talk, text, email, web video, broadcast: all are forms of communication that happen instantly and globally.

Why is it then, that when we produce video projects we revert to the older ways of communication? Fax that call sheet to the entire crew by 8pm… FedEx the rough cut to the network… Schedule a conference call… Email me your notes please… Even if you have used a digital deliverable process, it was probably a proprietary system tied to a network or post-house.

If you are starting a new video project, whether it’s a feature film, TV documentary, or corporate project, there are modern tools that are available to you now. These cloud-based tools come with no expensive hardware and software to purchase and maintain, the ability to work from anywhere on any device connected to the internet, advanced tools for collaborating with the rest of your team, data backup and security, and flexible, scalable pricing plans.

Stay in touch with your entire crew and collaborate on scripts and budgets, or supercharge the post-production process by removing the geographical barrier to the review and approval process.

Here are two Cloud Services we now offer.


Scenios – Cloud-Based Production Management

SceniosScenios is a virtual production office that allows you to manage all aspects of your shoot from script to post. With Scenios, you can write or edit scripts and then automate the process of building shooting schedules, call sheets and wrap books. It also serves as a centralized location to securely share essential production documents, such as budgets, with key team members. Powerful collaboration tools allow you to comment on videos or documents. You can even hold a video conference within Scenios. Scenios is highly customizable to suit your workflow, and with the free Scenios Desktop Sync app, you can view your content when you’re offline. Scenios is compatible cross-platform; use it on a Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad.

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Aframe – Cloud-Based Media Asset Management

AframeAframe is a private cloud-based asset management solution and tagging service with capabilities in collaboration, review and approval, and archiving. Aframe allows you to manage your assets across multiple productions and keep everything organized, so your team only sees what is relevant to them. Once your media is uploaded into Aframe, you’ll have online access to the original high-resolution material, as well as a lower resolution proxy for easy web viewing and downloading. Aframe takes care of all of the backups and redundancies you expect from a cloud service.

Aframe allows users to re-name, tag, sort, comment on and search for clips, so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. This in turn allows you to create simple assemblies directly in Aframe by creating collections of clips. Aframe also allows you to securely share footage with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Aframe software and websites run on Aframe-owned servers, so your data is stored on their dedicated storage arrays and is not susceptible to third-party network outages. Communication and transfers occur over Aframe’s networks, and your data is duplicated between coasts for even greater security.

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Use the Right Tools for the Job

Scenios and Aframe services complement each other. Use them together for a total cloud-based production solution.

With Scenios you manage the logistics of your entire production, while uploading edited pieces of video, like rough cuts.

Use Aframe to upload all of your camera originals, tag and log the footage, decide who gets to see what, create rough assemblies, download low res or full res video at your post house, and by default you have protected your valuable digital assets.


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