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ICG Local 600 Selects AbelCine to Create DIT Workshops

International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 Selects AbelCine To Create DIT Workshops

AbelCine Training Classes Teach Theory and Practice of Digital Imaging Technician’s Role

NEW YORK, NY – April 12, 2012 – AbelCine has partnered with the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 to create a series of workshops on the role of the Digital Imagining Technician. With the growing number of Digital Cinema Cameras on productions today, the DIT position on set has become essential. Recognizing this trend, the Guild turned to AbelCine to put together workshops that would help educate their members on the role of the DIT. These workshops focus on understanding camera formats, data management, color science, on-set color management and dailies generation.

“These classes are a great benefit to our members who are looking to become Digital Imaging Technicians, as well as those who have already been working as DITs,” said Lewis Rothenberg, National Vice President of IATSE Local 600, Co-Chair of the National Training Committee and Digital Imagining Technician. “Although we know it’s not possible to train somebody to be a DIT in two days, it is essential that our members all have the same base knowledge and understanding that is required for the role.”

The union attendees will learn the tools of the trade, including waveforms, vectorscopes, paintboxes, LUT generators, and software to create on-set dailies. The class is designed to give attendees a solid grounding in exposure theory and color science, as well as a practical understanding of the tools used by a DIT on set.

“These workshops give our members exposure to some of the newest equipment available, and also to the tools used everyday on set,” said Mark Weingartner, Chair of the ICG National Training Committee. “Not only is it important to keep our members educated on the latest gear, it’s also very helpful to bring them together to learn from each other.”

AbelCine’s technical specialists will instruct the class along with Local 600 DIT’s and other working professionals. Also joining the workshops will be representatives from Assimilate, Colorfront, Gamma & Density, Leader and other manufactures.

“We have combined our own technical expertise with Local 600 DITs and other industry experts to build a very comprehensive workshop,” said Andy Shipsides, Training Department Manager at AbelCine. “Organizing all of the elements of this workshop has been a real learning experience for me, and I know that Local 600 members will get a great deal out of the class.”

Workshops will be held in New York City, Los Angeles, and additional locations throughout the country.

For more information, on all of AbelCine’s training classes visit training.abelcine.com.


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