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AbelCine & Ianiro UK Now Dealers for PRG TruColor™ Foton™

SECAUCUS, N.J., Nov. 29, 2011  — Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG), the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology, is pleased to announce that AbelCine is now a North American dealer for the award-winning PRG TruColor™ Foton™ lighting fixture for the film, TV and photography industries. AbelCine, a supplier of professional film and digital equipment with facilities in New York City, Burbank, CA and Chicago, IL, has added the Foton to its line of lighting products that it offers its clientele.

Mitch Gross, Applications Specialist and Product Manager for Lighting, AbelCine, said, “When I saw what PRG was developing with the Foton, specifically the concept of remote phosphor technology, it really struck me as very forward thinking and something outside the current norm. It is more power efficient; it is more heat efficient; the trueness of the color is more accurate at the start and will remain more accurate over the lifespan of the light.”

The Foton’s unique incorporation of remote phosphor technology allows it to achieve a CRI of more than 95 with a nearly continuous light spectrum previously unattainable from traditional LED sources. It was designed specifically to eliminate the color-accuracy issues inherent in LED lighting for film and television production. The Foton is also completely flicker-free at any frame rate, silent, waterproof, and generates almost no heat. Power consumption is less than 30 watts and is available in either AC (90-305 VAC) or DC (12-40 VDC) models. The Foton currently matches tungsten sources. Daylight models will be available in early 2012.

Local dimming from 0-100% is achieved with negligible shift in Correlated Color Temperature. The Foton AC unit also allows for output control though an external dimmer. Foton utilizes a bayonet-style system for attachments to alter the beam characteristics. The unit ships with three open-face reflectors, providing 20º, 40º and 60º beam angles in a single-source hard-edged light. With the 20º reflector, the Foton delivers over 400 Lux at three meters. Barn doors and color frames are also available.

In Europe, Ianiro UK Ltd. will be distributing the PRG Foton.  “The Foton will be welcomed by everyone from ENG cameramen shooting outdoors in European drizzle to filmmakers facing wintry mountain conditions. Its small size, high output and low power consumption means it will also be a welcome addition for specialist crews working underground, in disaster zones or desert environments,” said Nick Allen-Miles, Managing Director, Ianiro UK.

Both AbelCine and Ianiro UK look forward to being among the first to provide remote phosphor lighting to the creative community. Already recognized by many in the industry as a groundbreaking technology, the PRG Foton was awarded the 2011 Cine Gear Expo Technical Award in the Lighting category.

For more information on the Foton, please visit: www.prg.com/product/foton


About AbelCine
Established as Abel Cine Tech in 1989, AbelCine is a leading supplier of professional film and digital equipment with facilities in New York City, Burbank, CA and Chicago, IL. Core services include equipment sales, rental, technical service, digital media services and training. The company is the North American agent for Phantom high-speed cameras, as well as a Sony Solutions Reseller, Panasonic Specialty Reseller, Arri digital camera reseller and the exclusive US agent for Aaton motion picture cameras. The company is also the first Carl Zeiss Authorized Service Partner in the Americas. In 2011, the company launched its rebranding as AbelCine, to reflect its expanded role in the marketplace.

For more information on AbelCine, visit www.abelcine.com

About Ianiro UK, Ltd.
Ianiro UK is a partly owned subsidiary of the Rome Factory and distributes internationally lighting and lighting accessories, camera support equipment, dollies, tracks, cranes and jib arms. Ianiro UK has a network of dealers and distributors throughoutEurope that serve the film, broadcast and video industry. Known for the sale and rental of lighting equipment and accessories, while developing at the same time the production of portable fixtures for the industry.

For more information on Ianiro UK, visit www.ianirouk.com

About Production Resource Group
Production Resource Group, L.L.C., (PRG) is the world’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology to a wide range of markets, including corporate and automotive events, concerts, special events, theatre, television and film, trade shows, and installations, such as theme parks, museums, retail stores and performing arts centers. PRG provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging, scenery, and rigging and automation systems, for these markets from more than 40 offices in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

For more information on PRG, visit www.prg.com


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