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Phantom 65-Z3D Receives Creative COW Blue Ribbon Award

Phantom 65-Z3D Receives Creative COW Blue Ribbon Users’ Choice Award for Best Stereo 3D Camera System at NAB

AbelCine and Vision Research recognized for their role in bringing the breakthrough single-camera 3D system to market

New York, NY, September 15, 2011 – The Phantom 65-Z3D with Zepar 3D Optics, presented by AbelCine, was named the recipient of Creative COW’s Blue Ribbon Award for Best Stereo 3D Camera System at the NAB Show 2011.

Every year, Creative COW’s editors feel the pulse of the industry by monitoring the feedback from over 1.7 million monthly visitors in the months following NAB. Creative COW then announces the products and technologies that working professionals have identified as most likely to have the biggest impact on their future. The Phantom 65 Gold, manufactured by Vision Research, equipped with Zepar stereoscopic lenses from MKBK to make up the Phantom 65-Z3D system, was selected as one of these technologies.

Phantom 65-Z3DPhantom 65-Z3D is a single camera 3D production system that uses two lenses inside a single housing to capture stereo images on a single sensor. The Phantom 65 camera incorporates the largest digital sensor on the market, 51mm x 30mm, equivalent in size to 65mm 5-perf film. The Zepar Stereo 3D optics divide the frame into two side-by-side images, each as large as a full aperture 35mm motion picture film frame with 2K resolution.

“Our partners in Moscow, MKBK, have evolved the lens technology over many years, first using 65mm film cameras”, explains Moe Shore, Director of Business Development and Strategic Relations at AbelCine. “The new Phantom 65 digital system includes seven focal length pairs, which create 3D images that are easy on the eye, because they are free of optical distortion inherent in beamsplitter rigs. Shooting handheld or with a Steadicam is a favorite application, since the system is lightweight and so quick to set up.”

Creative COW Contributing Editor Stephen Bradford sees this AbelCine system has achieved the digital equivalent of “single strip” film cameras. He noted, “Because the images are on the same chip, and processed through a single 4K resolution image path, there is no variation of color or exposure between the two. Yet the entire camera and lens combination is less than 15 lbs, quite small compared to nearly all the other professional 3D cameras out there.”

Being built around the Vision Research Phantom camera, this system is the first to allow stereoscopic shooting at up to 300 fps, enabling the next generation of digital cinema resolution. Bradford also notes that the integrated Zepar stereoscopic lens set allows lenses to be changed as quickly and easily as 2D lenses.

Creative COW’s Blue Ribbon Users’ Choice Awards are unique in that they are bestowed, not by magazine editors, but by the CreativeCOW.net community as a whole, which includes current and potential customers for these products.

Creative COW’s editorial staff tracks discussions in the CreativeCOW.net user forums, blogs and feeds to find the most lauded products from the NAB Show. The editors take into account the insights offered by some of the highest-level working professionals who lead both the Creative COW community and the industry as a whole over a period of two months after the NAB show ends before awarding a Blue Ribbon. The waiting period allows for Creative COW to award products that have made true, lasting impressions rather than the quick reactions that are commonplace while on the floor of a large trade show.


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