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The Scene at AbelCine Rental – Phantom Cameras

In this issue of the Scene at AbelCine Rental, we compare three of our most popular Phantom camera systems, along with some thoughts on why each might be suited to a particular job. We also take a look at our unique 3D system – the Phantom 65-Z3D.

Phantom Camera Comparison

Phantom Flex

HD Gold
Phantom Flex Phantom 640 Phantom HD Gold
Standard 16:9 Resolution 2560×1440 2560×1440 1920×1080
Max Frame Rates 1617 fps @ 1440p 1680 fps @ 1440p 1052 fps @ 1080p
2564 fps @ 1080p 2700 fps @ 1080p 1576 fps @ 720p
5355 fps @ 720p 5850 fps @ 1080p
Sensitivity 1200 ISO 1200 ISO 320 ISO
Lens Mounts
35 PL, Panavision, Nikon, B4 (with Adapter) 35 PL, Panavision, Nikon, B4 (with Adapter) 35 PL, Panavision, Nikon,
B4 (with Adapter)
CineMag Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Daily Rental $3,000 $2,750 $1,800

Phantom Flex

The Phantom Flex is the most versatile Phantom camera available, with the cleanest image. The HQ mode eliminates the need for on-set black balancing. In addition to RAW workflow, the Flex offers 4:4:4 video mode with in-camera oversampling for rich, noise-free HD imaging. Extremely high frame rates, wide dynamic range and high sensitivity make the Flex easy to use with amazing results.

Phantom v640

The Phantom 640 is capable of speeds faster than any other full HD camera on the market. It can record RAW or output 4:4:4 HD video. The v640 can simultaneously record and playback, a unique ability essential for sports or documentary shooting.

Phantom HD Gold

The Phantom HD Gold is the original breakthrough high-speed Digital Cinema camera, now available at a more affordable price. The camera offers a rich, filmic image with RAW capture at full HD, with speeds of 1000fps and above. The HD Gold’s unique sensor size also makes it the only Digital Cinema camera in the world that is appropriately sized for use with anamorphic lenses. The camera produces broadcast quality high-speed images at a competitive price.

Phantom 65-Z3D System

The Phantom 65-Z3D System is a new single-camera 3D system unlike any other on the market today. It uses two lenses inside a single housing to capture stereo images on a 65mm-sized sensor. Each image is equivalent in size to a Super-35 film frame, making it an impeccable 3D image capture device. The Phantom 65-Z3D is compact, lightweight and quick to setup. It comes with an intelligent wireless lens controller that helps guide the operator to create comfortable 3D projects.

About the Phantom 65 Gold

The Phantom 65 Gold is the world’s only 65mm format Digital Cinema camera. With a true 4K sensor more than twice the size of a Super-35 film frame, the Phantom 65 Gold offers imaging that is unique from any other camera in the world. Even at standard frame rates, it offers a richness of image with a depth that stands out from all other cameras.

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