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What’s Behind Our New Look

There’s a new look, some new services, and a new dynamic at AbelCine. In order to explain what’s behind these changes, we need to take a closer look at our industry.

As digital acquisition is opening new creative possibilities at the highest levels of production, it is also providing accessibility to more image-makers than at any other period in history. Aspiring filmmakers, working at any budget or level of experience, now have extraordinary, affordable tools at their disposal with which to produce compelling content.

Although our roots at AbelCine are firmly grounded in film, today our customers are predominately working in a variety of digital formats. As a result, we’ve become far more versed in digital video, optics, solid-state recording and IT than ever before. Deep knowledge in these technical areas is what it takes to serve our professional client base.


In addition to our core knowledge base, our company has transformed in other ways that we feel are important to our customers.

Over the past year, we have focused our energies on improving our infrastructure and developing new ways of servicing our clients.

In January 2011, we introduced two new departments: Digital Media Services and Training.

Digital Media Services offers our clients all the necessary services for handling their digitally acquired media before it goes to post, including format conversions, transcoding, tape and data transfers, archival backup and Final Cut Pro services.

Our Training Department provides applied learning for professionals at every level. Our hands-on workshops and lessons from industry experts are designed to expand the skill set of anyone working in production and broadcast. In our ever-evolving industry, these practical classes will always keep the working professional up to speed in the latest technology.

In May 2011, we’ll complete the expansion of our New York City office, featuring –

  • A dedicated Learning Center (A)
  • A larger technical shop with upgraded equipment (B)
  • An independent Product Development department
  • A dedicated fulfillment and sales pick-up center (C)
  • A fully interactive, hands-on sales showroom (D)
  • Expanded checkout space for our rental clients (E)
  • More multi-use space for our clients to meet and collaborate (F)

AbelCine NY 2011

In renovating our New York City facility at 609 Greenwich St, we strove to create an environment where all our clients would feel welcome, regardless of their level of experience – a place to hang out and learn from us, as well as each other.

With the rollout of all these new services, we thought it was appropriate that our name and look reflect these changes, as well as the increased breadth of our services.

After much consideration, we have retired our beloved film-through-lens logo, shortened our name and applied a more efficient graphical design that evokes learning, optics, creativity and technology.

The new treatment, logo and typeface were designed by our longtime Art Director, Liz McGill, with assistance from her colleague John F. McGill of London, as well as Martin Roberts of Martin Roberts Design, LLC.

Our new look embodies our expanded mission and serves as a reminder that for AbelCine to continue to thrive in this industry, we must be a dependable resource for our customers – in whatever capacity and role they need us. That means being open to change as technology and the industry evolves.

We hope that you agree, and we look forward to being a part of your creative projects for many years to come.


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