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The Scene at Abel Rental – March 2011

A short time ago, if you wished to shoot in 35mm the choices were film, a handful of high-end Digital Cinema cameras or the little HDSLRs. Now, every major manufacturer has come out with new cameras using the large 35mm format sensor concept. AbelCine has added five camera models to our rental inventory, as well as optics for all of our 35mm Digital Cinema cameras.

Phantom Flex

The Flex is the most versatile high-speed camera in the world. It can shoot 2.6K beyond 1600fps, and beyond 2500fps in 1080p. The Flex can record Uncompressed RAW or output Uncompressed HD 4:2:2 or 4:4:4, with in-camera super-sampling to the resolution of your choice. The Flex even features a new HQ mode that eliminates the need for Black Balancing, dramatically improving workflow on set.


ARRI announced the new direction of the company in a bold way with the ALEXA, a full Digital Cinema camera that can output in ARRIRAW or Uncompressed HD, or record internally to SxS cards in ProRes. A native 800 ISO, unprecedented 14-stops of Dynamic Range and an incredibly friendly and simple user interface make the ALEXA a pleasure to work with on set and on through post.

Sony SRW-9000PL

The evolution of Sony’s Digital Cinema line, the SRW-9000PL is the first hand-holdable 35PL camera to contain a HDCAM SR deck within. The camera is a full-featured production machine in a user-friendly form factor. All of the Sony performance and controls are available, and for those used to finishing in HDCAM SR it is an easy choice in the Digital Cinema lineup.

Sony PMW-F3
Sony PMW-F3

The new little brother to the 9000PL is little indeed – the PMW-F3 is a powerful machine with a full 35PL sensor in a Compact HD form factor. At its most basic, an EX3 with a full-sized sensor, the F3 can also be used to output Uncompressed HD in 4:2:2 or 4:4:4, including 60fps over 4:2:2. These feeds can also carry S-LOG to take advantage of the F3’s 12+ Dynamic Range image. Recording to SxS cards in XDCAM, the F3 offers the highest image quality in a low cost, small size camera.

Panasonic AF100Panasonic AF100

Panasonic decided to marry the best of all worlds with the unique AF100. The tiny camera is full of professional imaging controls and connectors, yet is light as a feather and uses the clever Micro 4/3 format. This sensor size offers a nice balance between the shallow depth of field offered by 35mm and the focusability for doc and indie style shooting of 2/3”. The universal lens mount system allows for adapters to multiple formats. Our AF100 kits come complete with Hot Rod PL Tuner mount kits as well as Canon EOS and Nikon F adapters, and we even offer a unique optical adapter to allow clients to use 2/3” ENG lenses on the camera while maintaining the depth of field of Micro 4/3.

ZEISS Master Zoom

In addition to our Master Primes, Ultra Primes, Cooke Primes, Leica Primes, Super Speeds and Cooke and Angenieux zooms, AbelCine now offers the exceptional Zeiss Master Zoom. Only a handful of these magnificent lenses were manufactured as a specific commissioned order to ARRI. Now, AbelCine rents the unparalleled 16.5-110 T2.4.

Visit us at NAB

This year NAB is April 11-14, so if you’re in Las Vegas be sure to visit us at booth #C8932. We’ll be featuring Digital Cinema cameras and accessories, as well as solutions for 3D, broadcast and all levels of production. Once again, we’ll have a selection of unique and exclusive gear you won’t want to miss.


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