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The Scene at Abel Rental – October 2010

In this issue of The Scene at Abel Rental, we’ll update you on the wide variety of gear that we’ve recently added to our rental inventory. From Phantom Digital Cinema to HDSLR to 3D, we’ve got all your production needs covered.

Large Format Digital CinemaPhantom 65 Gold

The Phantom 65 Gold High-Speed Digital Cinema Camera is the only large format digital motion picture camera in the world. The camera records Uncompressed RAW from its full 4K 4096×2440 sensor, which is an enormous 51.2mmx30.5mm, an image area more than twice the size of Super-35. Standard PL mount lenses won’t cover this image area, but Abel, in cooperation with Arri CSC, is offering Maxi-PL ARRI/Zeiss Lenses designed specifically for 65mm motion picture work. Our set includes nine primes from 30mm to 350mm (note that a 30mm on the Phantom 65 Gold projects a field of view equivalent to a 17mm in Super-35). The Phantom 65 Gold is the same compact size as the Phantom HD Gold and is fully compatible with that camera’s standard accessories, including the HD viewfinder and CineMags. The Phantom 65 Gold offers a complete camera system for capturing the richest Digital Cinema images possible.

The Compact Everything-Recorder
Cinedeck Extreme

Remember dragging around a cart full of equipment just to properly analyze your video signal and record it to a hernia-threatening tape deck? The Cinedeck Extreme is the size of an onboard LCD monitor, but it’s a complete scope, monitoring and recording system. It can record 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 video over HD-SDI or HDMI, capturing onto 2.8” SSD drives. It can record in Cineform, ProRes, DNxHD, or even fully uncompressed 12-bit HD video. The 7” LCD monitor can function as a waveform or vectorscope, and includes additional framing and focusing tools. The Cinedeck can even be used as an onboard monitor.

Independent 3D

Panasonic 3DA1

Panasonic just introduced the world’s first all-in-one professional 3D camera, the Panasonic AG-3DA1. At first glance it may look like an HVX200 with a pair of binoculars bolted to the front, but this is a sophisticated piece of equipment with two complete precision-aligned cameras and lenses within. Tools for lens convergence and metered assistance scales also help capture problem-free 3D imagery. Traditional 3D camera rigs are quite large and require a great deal of time and skill to align and operate. The compact 3DA1 works well on Steadicams, cranes, underwater and in numerous other applications impractical, if not impossible, in traditional 3D cinematography. The 3DA1 is ideal for small camera crews on documentary, sports or “run & gun” productions. For more on where we see the 3DA1 fitting into the production landscape, read our article “Applications for Panasonic’s 3DA1 Integrated 3D Camera”.

Little Camera, Big Sensor, Pro LensCanon 7DPL

For decades, cinematographers have been searching for ways to get 35 PL-mount lenses onto any camera they could. They cobbled together various adapters with spinning bits of glass and relay screens, all to get the look of those lenses, with their field of view and depth of field, onto various smaller and less expensive camera systems. Now the Hot Rod 7DPL cuts out all the nonsense, professionally mounting a proper PL lens onto the front of the 35mm-size sensor Canon 7D camera. The lens is properly supported, and front rods with handgrips are included in the incredibly small kit.

Versatile Zeiss Optics
Zeiss CP.2

Zeiss CP.2 Compact Primes cover Full Frame 35 (the same as VistaVision) and feature an interchangeable lens mount. We offer them in PL or Canon EOS mount, so they can be used on any camera from a Canon 5D to a Phantom to the Aaton Penelope. Our set includes these focal lengths: 21, 25, 28, 35, 50 and 85.

Idiocy in the Third Dimension

Our Phantom cameras have captured lots of interesting and unique images for our clients, but nothing quite like this before. The opening sequence of the new film Jackass 3D was shot at 1000fps on a pair of Phantoms mounted in a 3D beamsplitter rig. Any further description is, well, unprintable here, other than to say it is extremely funny and in 3D. Jackass 3D opened on Friday, October 15.

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