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The Scene At Abel Rental – Oct 2009

Introducing the Next Gen Phantom: The HD GOLD

Vision Research recently introduced the newly improved Phantom HD Gold. The HD Gold has a number of upgrades, including a new internal cooling system that dramatically reduces the need to reset “Black Balance” (CSR), saving considerable time on set. Additional improvements in the video outputs and CineMag interface increase functionality and ease of use on set.

Phantom HD GOLD Rounding out the HD Gold package are new accessories developed by Abel Cine Tech. We started with the Abel Phantom Breakout Box (BoB), which takes 12v in and spits out 24v for the camera, plus multiple 12v and 24v outputs for accessories. For handheld shooting we created the Abel Phantom Shoulder Rig, which includes an Anton Bauer battery mount that balances the Phantom on an operator’s shoulder (a Hytron 140 will power the camera for about an hour). Lastly, we needed a really beefy AC power supply to run the camera and as many accessories as one could ever think to pile up, so we commissioned Frezzi to build us the Juicebox 400, which is five times more powerful than a traditional supply while maintaining a petite package.

Abel Enters the HDSLR Market
Canon 7D Kit
Last fall, the Canon 5D Mark II caused quite a sensation as a digital still camera that featured progressive scan 1080p capture with shallow depth of field, extreme low light sensitivity, compact size and incredible optics. Last month saw the introduction of the Canon 7D, which adds 24p functionality and a Super-35 sized sensor. Abel has outfitted the 7D with six Canon L-series primes and a custom production / handheld rig, featuring an Arri mattebox and follow focus and a complete shoulder mount system.

Panasonic Lumix GH-1Panasonic’s Lumix GH1 offers a unique alternative to the 7D. Even though it has a sensor about the same size as Academy 35mm, it is so small that it can accommodate the Hot Rod PL Deluxe HDSLR Camera Rig. This allows the use of all 35mm PL mount lenses and accessories in a compact footprint. The GH-1 takes great 1080p images but can also be useful as a Director’s Finder.

By the People Doc

Abel client Amy Rice and her filmmaking partner Alicia Sams began following Barack Obama for a profile documentary well before he ever declared his intention to run for the United States presidency. Using an HVX200 purchased from Abel as well as supplemental Abel rental gear and some service along the way, Rice and Sams followed the then-Senator for more than two years all the way to the White House. Their documentary By the People is scheduled to air on HBO on the anniversary of Obama’s election win, November 3, 2009.



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