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The Scene At Abel Rental – Mar 2009

Revamped Abel Rental Website

We just launched a new and improved Rental section of our website with simplified equipment categories and navigation. We’ve put information about related accessories, technical papers and other resources right where you need them—on the equipment page.

Requesting a quote or getting basic info about our department has never been easier.

1,000,000 frames per second anyone?

Phantom V12Vision Research has unleashed the fastest digital camera system in the world, the new Phantom V12.1. At 1280×720, the V12.1 is capable of 6900 fps. At its minimum resolution of 128×8, it can reach an astounding 1,000,000 fps, all in 12-bit uncompressed RAW. The V12.1 is compatible with CineMags and the CineStation and rents with a viewfinder and computer interface.

The sensor is 35mm sized, so PL mount lenses continue to deliver a familiar the depth-of-field and field-of-view. The Phantom V12.1 offers the highest and fastest resolution/frame rate capabilities in Digital Cinema today.

Panasonic Goes 4:4:4

Panasonic VariCam 3700Panasonic has upped the ante once again with the VariCam 3700. The 3700 records onto P2 cards in full raster 1920×1080 in AVC-I (HD D5 quality). In a first for Panasonic, it can also output 4:4:4 dual-link HD-SDI to various off-camera recording options for the highest quality uncompressed capture. The FILM REC mode now can expand the Dynamic Range stretch up to 600% for uncompromising image quality with incredibly low noise in the shadows and the beloved “Panasonic look.” The 3700 is also capable of variable speeds up to 30fps, and with five 32G cards, can shoot up to 200 minutes of 1080/24p.

RED One Rentals
Seeing RED at Last

Now available for rent from Abel Cine Tech: the RED One Digital Cinema camera. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? The RED One gathered more attention in 2008 than any new professional product in recent history. There were some growing pains as various features of the 4K RAW camera system were worked out and enabled. Now that the technology has matured, Abel has developed a comprehensive camera package that functionally covers all of a standard production’s needs.

The Latest in Compact HD

Panasonic HPX170The new Panasonic HPX170 refines the capabilities of the small P2 camera concept. The camera does away with the vestigial DV tape deck, making it both smaller and lighter than the venerable HVX200. The new camera also features a longer range zoom (13x, 3.9-51mm), twenty variable frame rates, an HD-SDI output, as well as waveform and vectorscopes. The camera features the improved imager of the HVX200A, and the LCD image can even be flipped if you’re using an economical 35mm lens adapter.

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